Our goal

Together we reduce costs!

EDS-Casting & Forging is driven by innovation and specialised in the development and supply of metal components. Our solutions often include castings and forgings due to the versatility and design freedom of these production processes.
However, we are not limited to this area and our approach is relevant in any sector and expertise. Our engineers are familiar with a wide range of techniques and carefully asses each and every method to create the best solutions for your challenges. Collaboration is key in our success. Transparency about costs, requirements and receptivity for new and innovative product ideas yield the best results in our process.


Relentlessly co-creating products to make them better, less costly and more durable
than anyone ever thought possible.


Becoming the world wide partner for all metal cast solutions.



EDS arose from the ambition to approach energy and raw materials in a more intelligent, sustainable and elegant manner. Using the most modern design and validation software, and with an innovative and uncompromising mindset, our designers are able to create constructions that are lighter and require fewer production steps. Thanks to the shaping possibilities and versatility of cast and forged work, we can not only design better products but also produce and supply them fast, affordably and in any desired quantity.

The solutions with the biggest impact developed in close cooperation with our clients. For that reason, we aim for an open, inspiring and often surprising process of co-creation.

EDS Innovation group concept

EDS Innovation group concept

Because of their versatility and shaping possibilities, we often opt for castings. However, we don’t limit ourselves to those. Quite the opposite. Our way of working and our focus on reducing cost price, impact and time to delivery are applicable to all sectors and every production method. Our engineers are familiar with diverse production techniques and are always able to find the right balance in order to arrive at the most effective solution. Sometimes, these new solutions even lead to the development of a new branch within the EDS group.



In all our projects, we collaborate closely with our partners: foundries, forges, machinery manufacturers, design colleagues and metallurgists. That means we can call on the right expertise, right from the start of the design process. After the engineering phase and after careful consideration, we give the order to the most suitable supplier.

EDS only delivers products that have been developed in cooperation with a client. Perhaps you already have a design and are looking for a suitable manufacturer? We will be happy to advise you on that, after which you can order directly from the suggested supplier. Want to know more? We will be happy to talk with you about the possibilities.



Since the 12th of August 2019 we are officially certified for ISO9001:2015.

Please click on the following link to view the certificate!

EDS Quality policy

Quality policy

EDS-Casting & Forging is driven by innovation and specialized in the development and supply of metal components. Our goal is to match or exceed our client's expectations by dedication and commitment. We aim to provide the best quality through the design and manufacturing of products that comply with and meet the needs of our respective markets.

Our goals

We establish and maintain a Quality Management System which meets the requirements of ISO 9001:2015, and any other client specific quality requirements.

We base our decision making, meeting structure and communication according to the idea of "Traction, Get a grip on your company" by Gino Wickman

  • We inspect all our outgoing components according to our tailor-made Quality Assuring Plan (QAP).
  • We select our suppliers based on environmental and child labor abuse criteria.
  • We have a defect-management system in place with which we strive towards our suppliers and clients to a zero-defect policy.
  • We ensure that all our employees are trained to carry out their assigned tasks by creating a personal development plan for each employee with courses and customized workshops at suppliers and training facilities.
  • We implement appropriate actions according to our workflow to address any risks and oppo11unities associated with internal/external issues, and to meet the needs and expectations of any interested parties.
  • We assess our employees assessed twice a year individually based on their work and our core values (Midterm Feedback and Review meetings)

We continuously improve our services provided to clients and suppliers using this quality policy, quality objectives, performance evaluations, audit results, corrective actions, and management reviews.

By signing this document our management team acknowledges and fully commits to the quality policy stated above. The team actively encourages a similar commitment by all employees at all levels of our organization.

This quality policy is evaluated as part of the overall review of the Quality Management System to ensure its stated objectives are met.


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